My Backpack

”Wait what? Is that her travel backpack?”

Yes. Yes it is. From the previous travel/post, you can see i brought a different backpack. A larger backpack. Also, I did say it was a mistake. A mistake I don’t ever want to repeat.


So, the Adidas backpack. Honestly, I bought it because :

  1. It is black in color.
  2. It has a laptop compartment.
  3. It has so many useful compartments including the sides ( 2 pockets for water bottles or anything that can fit that part)
  4. It is bigger than your usual backpack but smaller than a travel backpack ( the salesgirl doesn’t know the specific size as it is not stated on the label but my guess is 40L , more or less around that)
  5. The price is less than RM200 (with their climacool, it is worth it)

Recently, I traveled for a week and I brought this backpack as my travel backpack. I fit in not only my clothes but my camera gears as well. I didn’t fill up the space till the top this time, just half of it. I reduced A LOT of my clothes bringing only 3 days worth of clothes for a week. And even then, there are some clothes that I didn’t use! I am going to be using this backpack for travel until it tears apart.

*I know it is not actually a travel backpack like Osprey or Deuter (they are good but so expensive here) but it is good enough for me. Also, the back side of it is fully padded. Therefore it is comfortable.

p/s- my brother traveled around certain countries in south east asia with this backpack for 2 to 3 weeks and he said that it is the perfect size too. Because, the bigger the bag, the more things you want to bring from home.



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